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My Story

It's nice to meet you!


My name is Deanna and I'm just like a lot like many of you. I am a wife and a busy working mom of two precious baby boys. Five years ago you would have met me in an elementary school classroom. Now, since the birth of my first son, things have changed. I have taken my creativity and applied it to something I have always been passionate about.


I am a portrait photographer for your little ones and your family. I capture pictures of newborns, babies, and kids to create memories, which will never fade or be forgotten. Like many other moms I struggle with how fast time flies by, so let me freeze all those beautiful moments in your little one's journey. The first days of life, first steps, missing front teeth and birthday cake smashes are some of my favorites to capture. As well as everything in between.


If you have any questions or would like more information, don’t hesitate to call or leave me a message.

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