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My Story


Hello there! I'm Deanna Mannino, a passionate photographer entering my 10th year in the enchanting world of capturing moments frozen in time. My journey began when my eldest was about to celebrate his first birthday. As a mother, I felt the profound desire to ensure I didn't miss any of his precious milestones.

With a background in general and special education, holding a master's degree, my journey took an unexpected turn when motherhood became my priority. Photography became my creative outlet, allowing me to blend my love for creativity with my newfound role as a mother.

What sets my heart on fire in this profession is the magical combination of creativity, patience, and an immense love for newborns. Interacting with families, witnessing their unique stories unfold, and becoming a part of those cherished moments is what makes this job exceptionally special to me.

On a personal note, I've been happily married for over a decade, sharing the adventure of parenthood with my three adorable and handsome boys who keep our lives endlessly vibrant. They are my constant inspiration, and their boundless energy keeps me on my toes, both as a mother and as a photographer.

I am here not just to take photographs but to capture the essence of your family's special and memorable moments. Let's create a visual narrative that you'll cherish forever. I look forward to connecting with you and being a part of your unique story.

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